What do we do?
We provide consultancy, training and development services for Cloud & AI

Our services

Curious about what 12spark can do for you? We offer the following services to help our clients innovate further

Data Analytics & AI/ML

Extracting insights from data requires specialized data science expertise. 12spark has experience working with various algorithms and techniques used in statistics, machine learning, and AI. They help clients analyze data, build predictive models, and develop AI-driven solutions.


We streamline the machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation and model training to scalable deployment and continuous integration. Enhance your AI initiatives with our robust, end-to-end MLOps solutions tailored to your business needs.

Data Engineering & Application Integration

We provide services to extract, transform and load your data. That way, valuable data can be used to get valuable insights out.

Cloud Data Platforms

Harness the power of our Cloud Data Platform to elevate your AI/ML consultancy services. Experience seamless data integration, advanced analytics, and secure, scalable infrastructure designed to drive innovation and empower your business decisions. Transform your data into actionable insights with our cutting-edge technology and expert support.

Consultancy services

Our AI/ML consultancy provides expert advisory services, guiding your organization through every stage of AI and machine learning implementation. Our seasoned experts offer tailored strategies, from initial assessment to deployment and optimization. Elevate your business with our proven, customized solutions and strategic insights.


12spark offers comprehensive training and education services, equipping your team with cutting-edge skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide customized training programs, workshops, and hands-on learning experiences. Empower your workforce with the expertise needed to drive innovation and achieve AI excellence.