Our company
Our mission is to transform organizations through the power of digital innovation.

About 12spark

12spark is a young and independent tech company that helps organizations get value out of digital technologies and speed up their innovation.

We are specialized in providing consultancy, training and development services in the field of cloud computingdata science and artificial intelligence. We also offer a range of pre-built solutions and digital accelerators, that can kick-start your digital transformation journey!


12spark originates from its predecessor, Van den Bosch Automatisering. This company was founded by Marcel van den Bosch and active since 2005 providing training, consultancy and software development services.

Marcel, at that time, noticed several important trends emerging. First, an increasing number of highly innovative entrepreneurs that were looking for advice and help on how to take advantage of the latest IT trends in their business, but were not being served by the traditional software houses. Secondly, the rise of big data (which also includes data science, data analytics and machine learning/artificial intelligence) and the emergence of cloud computing.

He decided to focus on a group of new and highly innovative clients and leveraging these new trends in technology.Since begin 2013, 12spark is started as an independent privately-owned company and working together with clients, entrepreneurs, technology partners and investors worldwide.

We want to spark innovation and new concepts

Company name etymology

The history of the name 12spark (pronounced as: Want To Spark) is tightly related to our vision. We want to ‘spark’ innovation and new concepts, and help them grow.