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Our Solutions

At 12spark, we specialize in delivering tailored, innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Whether you're looking to enhance data analytics, automate processes, or implement intelligent systems, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with precision and expertise. Explore our diverse range of AI and ML solutions designed to transform your challenges into opportunities for success.

Manufacturing Intelligence Suite

Our manufacturing intelligence suite offers out-of-the-box building blocks needed for manufacturing companies that want to apply analytics and AI in their core business processes. It covers most of the functionality for predictive maintenance and yield/quality optimization related use-cases.

360′ Customer Insight Accelerator

The customer intelligence accelerator contains a set of pre-built dashboards and models, which focus on getting a better understanding of your customer and predicting up-sell opportunities. These components work with data obtained from CRM systems, such as or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They can also be customized to use data from other sources, such as social media data.

Conversational AI

Our chatbot solution is an integrated solution, which leverages the DialogFlow service from Google Cloud and customized components for Natural Language Processing and Large-Language-Models (LLMs). In addition, we have pre-built integration components. That way, the chatbot can deliver value, by interacting with your business systems.

Cloud Data Platform

For organizations that want to further develop their internal data science & analytics capabilities or clients that want to run their intelligent solutions – free of worries – we offer a turn-key and managed cloud platform for doing data science and running models in production.