Digital transformation with cloud & AI
Our mission is to transform organizations through the power of digital innovation.

Welcome to 12spark

Founded in 2013, we are an independent tech company that helps organizations get value out of digital technologies and speed up their innovation.

We are specialized in providing consultancy, training and development services in the field of cloud computingdata science and artificial intelligence. We also offer a range of pre-built solutions and digital accelerators, that can kick-start your digital transformation journey!

What do we do?

Data Analytics & AI/ML

Getting insights out of your data, involves specialized data science work. We have experience in working with many of the algorithms and techniques used in the field statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


We streamline the machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation and model training to scalable deployment and continuous integration. Enhance your AI initiatives with our robust, end-to-end MLOps solutions tailored to your business needs.

Data Engineering & Integration

We provide services to extract, transform and load your data. That way, valuable data can be used to get valuable insights out.

Cloud Data Platforms

We offer advanced Cloud Data Platform services, enabling efficient data storage, processing, and analysis in a scalable cloud environments.


We provide expert advisory services, guiding your organization through every stage of your data, AI and machine learning implementations.


We provide customized training programs, workshops, and hands-on learning experiences. Empower your workforce with the expertise needed to drive innovation and achieve AI excellence.

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